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Thought Leaders

These amazing individuals inspired me to create Quanticism.  They have paved the way and provided the tools, all I have done is to pull it all together in a way to connect it to ourselves as a system.

The core ideas of Quanticism:

  • The universe (including all life) is a physical manifestation created from the quantum field of energy, therefore all matter is connected.

  • All consciousness comes from a single source, and therefore is connected not only to that source, but to every other consciousness in the universe.

  • Creating a better world starts with changing each of us.  When we see ourselves, and each other in a different way, we change everything!


Gregg Braden


Gregg Braden is a bestselling author, teacher, and guide for millions.  His work in exploring the histories of our ancestors, and seeking the wisdom of our oldest traditions has helped many understand who they really are, why they are here, and where we need to go.  Gregg also has a series on Gaia TV, called "Missing Links"

Gregg's Website

Latest Book


Dr. Joe Dispenza


Dr. Joe Dispenza is a Chiropractor, bestselling author, guide and teacher.    Dr. Joe also has a series on Gaia TV, called "Rewired"

Dr. Joe's Website

Latest Book


Lynne McTaggart


Lynne McTaggart is an author/teacher whose work with the power of intention has shaped our understanding and help remind us just how powerful we are.

Lynne's Website

Latest Book


Dr. Bruce Lipton


Dr. Bruce Lipton is a biologist, bestselling author, and teacher.    Bruce also has a series on Gaia TV, called "Inner Evolution"

Bruce's Website

Latest Book


Nassim Haramein


Nassim Haramein is a physicist, researcher, and lecturer.    Nassim also has a series on Gaia TV, called "Quantum Revolution"

Nassim's Website

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