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The He(ART) and Science of Quanticism

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

What do you think about when you hear someone say, “We are all connected”, or “We are all one”? You might think about energetic lines connecting everyone to everyone else, or maybe you envision a vast ocean where each of us are just drops, swirling together, merging, and blending as the currents flow. In the end, what comes to mind when you hear this is uniquely yours. Anyone else who hears it will likely have a different view, and in some cases, very different. The differences can be extreme, and depend on many factors such as age, sex, culture, religion, life background, experiences, etc. Because this concept can be such an important and personal one, how we communicate it to others can make a huge difference in how it, and we are understood. Even within ourselves, we can use these same words and have them mean different things at different times.

Does being connected, feeling connected, and living a connected life feel somewhat confusing and challenging? Don’t you wish there was something that created a common ground, a shared vocabulary, and a safe place to explore what this means?

The Heart of Quanticism

When the idea for Quanticism came to me, I knew what it would represent; a unity of Quantum Physics and the ideas of Mysticism and Spirituality. At the core of this, is the concept of connection, and what it means to us individually and collectively. There is also the idea to build a bridge for people, so regardless of where on the spectrum they stood, they could meet, converse, understand, and be understood.

So, one of the first things that is needed to create this bridge is a common framework to convey the concept of what connection means to each other. From there we can learn, and share what it means to be connected, with less confusion.

We all know that connection comes in many forms. For some it might be limited to 1-2 forms, for others it could be much broader with each form being uniquely meaningful. There is no wrong way to feel connected, though there may be behaviors stemming from those feelings that could be perceived as controlling, limiting, or harming to others or even oneself. It is important to distinguish between the perception of connection in any form, and the behaviors that stem from it. This is similar when separating the emotion of anger from the physical behaviors of violence that may result. It is ok to be angry but acting out on that anger could be a problem, and the same caution applies with connection (ex. stalking). Remember to always respect and communicate boundaries with everyone even when dealing with connection.

The Science of Quanticism - The Connection Pyramid

Putting this together, I came up with a diagram I call the “Connection Pyramid”. It represents 5 levels or types of connection and how they might associate with the elements. The larger base shows the most common we tend to experience in our lives, and the apex the least common form. This doesn't mean that the essence level connection is impossible or even really difficult, rather it's less known to most of us. If it is experienced, it could be frightening at first, since such a connection can put us in a very vulnerable state.

Throughout our lives we have likely experienced some type of connection many times within the first three levels. Some of us may have been blessed to experience level 4, but few I think have had the joy to experience level 5. Regardless of what you have or have not experienced in your life, is not the important thing. Why? Because at any given moment you can experience any of these levels of connection, separately, together, or even all of them simultaneously. There really are no limits other then those you set for yourself. So the question really is, "at this point in your life, where do you want to begin your journey?"

In future blogs I will break each level down, give examples of what each level represents, and some ideas to bring more of that specific type of connection into your life.

Feel free to comment below, or ask any questions, or just want to share a connection experience from your life.

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